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Im a kind and friendly typo person. Im really into the Black and Red in colour. I will always take a good care of my HP laptop and my Nokia X3. I love singing and all Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's songs.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laskar Pelangi

Assalamualaikum and good evening humans.... hehehe... just wana share with you guys that last night I've watch the Laskar Pelangi's DVD in my bedroom, by using my HP laptop... (hope that im telling this in details... hahaa...) Well, these movie was very the best, ofcourse there is lots of different scene, I mean ada part happy and also part sedih (which is make me mengalirkan air mata juwa) hehehe... Urm... irah nda mau ceta panjang2 la, for those yg alum lyat atu, better watch it lah and for those yg sudah atu, of course la tau udah jalan cerita nya... ehhehee... down these are the pictures of the front cover of the DVD of LASKAR PELANGI, the picture of the Penulis Novel; ANDREA HIRATA and also the picture of the main Actors and Actress... I can give 9 out of 10... and also two thumbs up... peace yaw... haha

Thursday, May 28, 2009

She is her; Sarah

Well today she is turn into 9 months old.... ehehehe... C-Baby Sarah Rasyiqah... guess what she have a baby tooth already.... makin cute x ah... tapi yang di bawah lah, yang atas alum lage tumbuh.... hehehe... and you know what, berat nya makin terasa if di-kipak... huhu... ea ane lage kuat kan minta kipak saja... hahahaha... FYI, this pictures was taken tadi at around 5pm di dapur umah irah, and im the one yang pakaikan ea my tudung ah... hehee... chumeyl sungguh eyh... loves you Sarah Rasyiqah... mwahz...

Nada papa wa... hehe

hellow people... nyte2... Urm... actually i dun haf any special story to share but im just thingking on posting last nyte pictures of me and my cousin, Atul... actually kami, (my family and her family) were having dinner together-gether at Restaurant Soto Rindu at Kilanas...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turn 22nd (",)

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon fellas... well as the date for today, 27th May, Wednesday. I would like to wish one of my tourism peeps, Hj Mohd Saiful Azmi @ Paul, Happy 22nd birthday to you... May Allah Bless you with longevity and prosperity... hope that you will success always in everything you did... especially in your life la... hehehe... Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MAYME... hahaa

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Malam Ini

Function : Majlis Sembahyang Berjemaah, Membaca Yassin dan Membaca Doa Selamat Bagi Berpinda Rumah Baru, Abg Haji Razali serta Keluarga; Kaka Sidah, Qibah, Zarifah, Nazif and Baby Zahirah.
Venue : Kg.Sinarubai (23rd May 2009, Saturday Night)

My Anak-anak buah, Nazif and Zarifah

Tikah on candid, c-birthday girl for today... marung uh... huhu...

Its me and i loike the design and colour of that curtain... very the lawa...

Eza, Ka Dyg and Irah Aera Shie

Sarah without tudung Ekin

Eza and her beloved mum, Babu Alah

Sarah with Tudung Ekin... bulat x ah.... chumeyl...

me and her

Eyan, Eza and Irah


all of us... were cousins and just like a siblings... alum lage semua bekumpul ne... ahaha

Maii... you look so orange tonight and yeah, you look veautifulllll... nice colour...

The guys during membaca surah Yassin

Sarah pun ikut vaca yassin x ah, jangan kamu inda galat... ehehe

Eza sempat lage pose tue... its candid la... and and yg tudung coklat atu is my Amit Bini kami

yang ujung atu yg concentrate baca yassin is my ngangah bini and yang tudung biru is Ka Dyg and yang tudung purple is my lovely mother, Ibunda Hjh Ainie @ Hjh Hamni

maii and her lovely mother, Mama Hjh Zanis

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet 14th

Assalamualaikum and selamat tengah hari semua... I would like to take this opportunity to wish my lil cousin, Siti NurAtikah Bte Roslan (the one yang pakai tudung putih biru). Happy Sweet 14th Birthday to darling... May Allah blessed you with longevity, prosperity and good health. Not to forget that hope you will always success in your studies with a flying colours of results. Last but not least, jan luan kan jadi pemalu and pendiam ane... sadang-sadang tah... hehehe, i know your voice atu mahal... hehehe... juz joking tikah, and jan marah yer... Once again, Happy Birthday to you Tikah....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Its Us...

Hye fellas.... last night after kami siap sembahyang jemaah magrib and Isya and tahlil juwa, kami tarus celebrate belated birthday Halimahtus Saadiah yg ke 9 tahun... for your info, Diah is kaka yang kedua bagi Baby Sarah Rasyiqah... so if kamu perhatikan banar2 kan same tu muka durang... hehe... well below these are some pix yang sempat di snap by my cuzzy, Mai, thank you ah.... hehee... owh btw the cake was sponsored by my mum, its an Choclate Ice-Cream cake from Angel bakery shop... Once again, Happy Belated Birthday Diah (she was born on the 20th of May)