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Im a kind and friendly typo person. Im really into the Black and Red in colour. I will always take a good care of my HP laptop and my Nokia X3. I love singing and all Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's songs.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd Day

Today is Thursday, 30th April 2009. It was my second day, once arrived at my seats, I have clean up my table and make an arrangement by follow my own taste, cewah... Then I’m started on photocopy-ing my education certificate for my personal data that to be kept on my file, I mean untuk reference pekerja2 dimana semua tempat kerja juga mempunyai system sebegini. After that im continued on photocopy-ing the other notes of works from kaka Linee’s own file. Once im done doin that, Kaka Linee had asked me to go to the lobby of our unit, coz every Thursday morning at 8.30am, they were always having a majlis tahlil and menikmati jamuan ringan. Except kaka Susie sja yg nda join us, coz she has to servicing her car... Lepas makan, Im goin back to my seats, im feel very bored coz Irah macam kena pulaukan... huhu... but I know its only untuk sementara... I need to do some work but I still don’t know what should I do, yatah instead of buang boring, Irah buat story ane, hahaha... owh yeah, at the same time Abg AshanZ did miss call me, atleast Im not lonely even though he is not with me right now... huhu... Then around 9 plus, kaka Linee ad started on teaching and asking me to do the “Tender Notice” by using the PC. Well at first, I thought it was hard, rupanya I can do it, hehe... as kaka Linee had told me yesterday, kerja ane banyak edit2 sja... hehe... even its sounds easy, but mistakes moght be happen jwa if tane inda make a double check with what we had type in the pc, such as typing of errors. Well for me it’s kind of okay’s of work... bowh... apakan irah ah... hehee.. and for sure, I still need a guide and help from Kaka Linee, coz I’m still not confident if Im doing it alone. I can say that I’m still under learning process with all these stuffs. Guess what, time irah wrote down ane, im feeling very cold... kan freeze ganya inda... huhuhu... wana know why??? Coz tempat duduk irah is bawah air-conditioner... hahaa... sajuk x ah... huhuhuhu... hajat hat ikan bawa baju tebal tadi, but inda cea jadi... hahaa... Urm... during lunch time, im just stay at the office and i feel malas kan lunch out.. hehe... Then time petang atu nda banyak kerja juwa yg kena bagi, tapi kaka line ada juwa minta help and tarus ajar irah la for my next task... which is membuat division regarding the Contractor’s Quotation yang akan di meetingkan by this coming Monday morning. Today, irah balek awal 10 minutes unlike my first day, pukul 4.20pm my dad fetch me up... hehe... I know that i should follow the rules... mesti balek pukul 4.30ptg... hahaha... I will try my best to show a very good reputation disepanjang tempoh 3 tahun percubaan irah kerja.... hehehe... I will!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My First Day Working

Well this morning I wake up at 5.30am and absolutely rasa nervous di hati tetap ada. Hm... tolak dari rumah pukul 6.30am with my father, my mother and kami bawa Baby Sarah juwa. We went to Kiulap dulu for having our breakfast at Akhbar Ria Restaurant. The time shown 7.30am, then we move on to my grandparent’s house since still early, coz I need to melapor diri at 8am. Around 8.05am tulak dari rumah nini, my dad antar Irah ke Bangunan Headquarters JKR yg terletak di Airport Lama. It took us 5-10min to arrive at that place.

So I just straight forward entered the Registration and Administration Department/Section. I’ve to wait another couples of minutes coz the person that I should met have not arrived yet, the person that I meant was known as “Cip S” [(I couldn’t mentioned his real name) and (my first impression; he is a cool and nice, good-looking typo person. He had share and give me lots of advice]. Then I have been asked to met with the Pengarah Pentadbiran and Kewangan; “Pg.O” (I only mention short sja coz inda dpt mention their names). What a small world, he knew my father... haha.... well he is a kind and friendly person, tak kedekut on gimme good advice and he looks very nice and seronok talking with him, with his sincerity on welcoming me for working with the JKR.

Before i met with these two nice people, I had met with a lady and 1 guy yg good-looking jwa, hehe... Thank you very much for the four of them coz sudi beri tunjuk ajar and layanan yang Irah sendiri tak sangka.. hehe.. cewah.. ahaaha... hope dapat jumpa durang lagi for the next time since im not working at their place, huhu.... (sedih bunyinya e... huhuhu) Then I have to msg my mum to ask my dad to fetch me up coz i have to go one place where supposed to be I’m working at, which is in the Jabatan Jalan Raya, JKR. Once I arrived at that place, I tot susah kan cari where it is located the white building yg kna maksudkan atu... hehe... rupanya senang ajer... haha... lepas masuk sja arah building atu, bagi salam arah receptionist and betanya lah which floor should i go for melapor diri untuk mula bekerja. Luckily I’ve met with one of my cousin yg also kja in that building, so she had help me on searching where should I go. Thank you very much kaka timah... hehe.. Second floor, dimana Irah kena tempatkan and I’ve met with this friendly person known as “J” (once again i wud never mentioned his name in here, sory guys), his post is as a ketua kerani. Then ada jwa these 1 guy y looks peramah but im totally sure that he is some one’s father. Coz he had ask me lots of questions, macam kena interview lah... ehe.. He did share story about her daughter’s education yg masa ane study at my previous college; MTSSR, she is taking the course of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, if im not mistaken la... hehe...

Then Irah kena suruh duduk2 saja dulu coz I’ve heard that im still not confirm di mana tempat yg sesuai for me kerja... while waiting atu, Irah sempat online in msn afta c-Bel (1 of my chatters) had ask me to online... ramai yg text me afta i get online ah... such as from Yatty H.R, Arif, Paul, Ajesh and Nabil Hamde. Most of them were greetings me with congratulations coz i had started to workand macam2 lah soalan2 yg durang tnya and i did answered ah their question... hehe... Finally, I have transferred to the third floor, arah bahagian SRC (Unit Document Contract) due to one lady known as Kaka Linee kan minta tular balik arah jawatan nya yg lama, which is more into site work, hehe... she is sweet person same as my ketua juwa, kaka Susie... durang frenly berabish... and of course ada masanya drang serious time buat kaja... As my first day kerja, alum banyak lah kja kana bagi, yg basic sja dulu kena ajr and kena explain, such as tugas dan tanggungjawab penolong pegawai dokumen kontrak, cara menggunakan mesin photokopi and cara2 membuat tender untuk di-iklankan ke pelita Brunei.

Ok lah, i stop here dulu ah, next post lage irah ceta ah... ehehe... if i got times la... haha... woah... it’s already 11.18pm... i need to rest and sleep, esuk lage kan awal bangun and kerja... wawawa... have a very sweet dreams fellas, good night and Assalamualaikum.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

They Won (",)

Hey fellas.... sorry baru te-update.... huhu... well last nite Im follow my family goin to Stadium Haji hassanal Bolkiah, were watching the football match between DPMM fc VS Singapore Armed Forces.... it started at 8.15pm and there are lots of peoples watching that match... and there were also Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadeebillah and his brother, Pengiran Muda Abdul Malik. Actually i dun really into football thingie, but then when they (the Dpmm Fc) had score, that part was the very best.... yelah iski x ah... hahaha... well they won the match with 2 score and the SAF teams only got 1 score... hehee... it finish at around 10.15pm... yippie... Brunei manang!!! hahahaha.... ok lah till here sja dulu ah, nanti lage irah update ok. Urm.... you guys, just take care of yourself ayte.... have a very nice day.... :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

TTS 08 and 07 Graduation Day

Function: Majlis Konvokesyen National Diploma & Technical Education and Vocasional kali ke-11

Venue: Plenary Hall, International Convention Centre (ICC).

Lecturers: Miss Juliana, Miss Didi, Sir Azmi and Sir Tony.

Cameras: Irah, Yatty H.R, Wafy, Hjh Rina and Faiz.

P/s: Im very sorry for the very late update... huhuhu... it is due to some technical problems....


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wedding Ceremony @ Rizqun

Well tadi page at around 10am, irah besiap2 kai bju kurung and tudung, complete with sum make-up, i mean yg simple sja, Irah ikut my parents arah wedding someone yg ada related with my father and the wedding are took place at Rizqun hotel, that’s why I want to follow them... hehehe.... The arrival of guests is at 11am till 12noon and we’re arrived at that hotel at 11.47am, hehehe.... I can see that there is lots of people in the Songket Ballroom... and the Pelaminan was very gorgeous in yellow colour.... owh yeah after beberapa minit the brides and the grooms sit on the pelamin, majlis berbasuh batis was been took place, coz pengantin gurl is from Tutong, so it is their tradition right.... The foods were not that bad... delicious meyh... ehee.... and yeah the souvenir is a mangkuk kaca with the ukiran bunga with different colour...

Majlis Doa Selamat

Assalamualaikum semua.... how are you feeling today?? Hope you guy’s sehat walafiat hendaknya... hehe... Urm... let me recap what function had been took place on the Saturday Night (18 April 2009), which was held in our crib... hehe... The events was started at around 7pm, but the arrival of guests is around 6.30 untill forward, coz we had a Sembahyang berjemaah fardhu Isya’ and then followed bacaan Doa Selamat for the three of us.

Urm... the invited guests are only our relatives; i mean my cousins sebelah my dad and my mum. Except nini laki, nini bini, paing and babu sanah sja yg nda dtg last night, same as Bapa Pehin with Babu Noi due to they have to attend other function. Well I would like to thanks all my uncle, aunt’s and cousin for coming to our functions... and it was very seronok coz ramai org dalam house kami.... ukan slalu juwa kami dapat bekumpul as in a huge groups of families.... heheehee...

Wana know with who I meant by the three of us??? Ok, let me tell you one by one ayte... First is for my brother, coz he got accepted on working with the Gurkha’s army and the next day (Sunday at the afternoon, ea masuk kem for having his recruitment for about 5-6 months). Second is for my mother due to her retired and guess what, this coming Monday is her 55th Birthday, Happy Advanced Birthday Bu... And the third one is for me, it’s because of I get the job with the Brunei’s Government and my post was as a clerk but I’m still waiting for the call and the letter regarding when and where I would be working later.

Owh yeah about the foods, we’ve order from the Sotorindu @ Haji Zainal Restaurant, such as Ayam and Daging masak rendang and Ikan masak Asam Pedas. While my mum masak sayur campur and also we provide a cheese cake, a telur masin and two types of fruits; watermelon and honeydew (correct me if im wrong about the honeydew, coz im a bit confuse between Honeydew and Rocklemon, haha). Urm... some of my aunts pun ada juwa yg membawakan foods and kueh, such as my amit bawa steam prawn dip with sauce, Babu Inah bawa Ikan Salai rumahan with the cacah sambal belacan, Mama bawa bingka Ubi and my cousin, Kaka Lini bawa colourful Cupcake and i dun remember what is the name kueh yg satu atu... ehehe...

Below these are the pixies yg irah SEMPAT took... Actually, niat hati kan take a lots of photos during that night, but due to my busy-ness on doing itu dan ini... huhuhu.... faham2 je lah... Im sorry...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Her Pose

Hello semua... hehehe.... well today i dun have any special story to share but i just post a random pictures of Baby Sarah Rasyiqah... hehehe.... as in she is my newly model for these few months.... ahahhaa.... well sarah, you've did the very best work on givin me nice and gorgeous pose... hahaha... I loike it very the very much.... hehehee.... *kira nada kaja lain jua tue kan irah ah.... ehhee...* yelah since she loves on photoshoots... so irah on sja ne with my phone... hehehe...

Yg ane masa di malam, time betahlil, my uncle md.zin yg pasang kan the tasbih on her head... hehehe... but afta that she started on crying and mengusut.... huhuhuhu.... pity her....

Yang ane afta kami take away the topi

Look at her, she was very panic when Ka Dyg did these pose... hahaa.... cian sarah....

This is when Sarah suka amai topi bapabai (my dad), so kami (me and Ka dyg) pun keraja kan ea lah... thank god she want to gives her very best shots with her beatiful smiles... hehehe... suka ea berabish...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She can meniarap's

Haahaha... irah sja kan post her latest pixies and it was last night I did snap2 on her while she was menyusu... hehehe... and and and for her 7th month old ane, she can meniarap udah... hehehe.... bangga lah ko sarah.... hehehe... well yeah, i want her to be photogenic when she grow up nanti... haha... yatah dari damit ane tah mesti di ajar and di latih.... hahaahaha.... Sarah merati x udah ah if kan di gambar, kira sja 1 2 3... senyum tah tu ea... inda kamu pecaya???? jangan pulang... hahahaha...

The Test

Assalamualaikum and A very good afternoon peoples..... After 5 days I didn't post anything in here, but now as in today, im gona share with you guys with what I have done from I wake up untill the time right now (2.04pm).

I've wake up at 5.45am, take a shower, then besiap wearing my bju kurung and tudung, having breakfast with my sis at the kitchen (tanx bu for the mie sedaap mix with eggs, hehe) and kami (me and Ka Dyg) jalan pukul 6.25am. Our destination is only going to UBD, coz my sis ada kuliah pagi wic is at 8am and the reasons why i follow her, coz today, 15th April 2009 (Wedensday), I having a Literacy and Numeracy Test at ITB, it's a must for those applicants yg kan masuk and study at ITB for having the tests. My other Tourism's fren yg apply ITB pun ramai juwa lah, such as Yatty H.R, Suriani, Arif, Wafi, Zati, Qilah, Nisah, Jazreen, Amy and Ina. Most of us had apply for the course of HND in Business and Marketing, ada juwa yg apply Accounting and Management. The 1st test was Literacy test, got 2 section, Section 1 is all about the MCQ with 75 questions and the 2nd section is a Close Passage, 25 marks, overall it covers 100 marks. Then followed by the Numeracy test, got 3 section, which is for the 1st section has 10 marks, 2nd section has 20 marks and 3rd section has 30 marks, 60 marks overall for the three sections...

Same as my fren's hopes, I wish that I could get accepted in ITB... hehehe... coz minat kan belajar atu masih kukuh and bertahta di hati ini.... cewah.... hehehee.... Owh yeah, the Literacy test started at 9-10am and Numeracy test at 10.30am untill 12 noon. After Ka Dyg had fetch me up from ITB, were just straight forward going to the Jerudong Highway, and I tot kami kan tarus balik, rupanya inda... hehehe... My sis bawa lunch at KTM's restaurant.... terus lebar my smiles coz its my 1st time ever to eat in that restaurant. Before my sis penah ceta yg di sana andang kena sediakan soup tom yam in a small bowl.... that's why im very happy and excited... hahhaa.... Well.... what i say is... very the very delicious and marvellous... i loike the soup and also the ButterMilk Chicken with rice.... my sis had order Chicken Chop with rice, that was also nyaman.... hehehe... and yeah, she also order a Longan Taufu... hehe... Mine just a Lemon Ping...

Nisah, Ina and Amy

Arif, Yatty H.R and Wafi

Jazreen and Suriani

Kaka Dyg

This is mine.... hehe....