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Im a kind and friendly typo person. Im really into the Black and Red in colour. I will always take a good care of my HP laptop and my Nokia X3. I love singing and all Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's songs.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Im very happy today.... :)

Did you curious bout my title in the above????? hahaahaha..... okay lah let me share with you guys ah.....

Tadi around 11 am my mum received a msg from my Uda Hj Ishak, its all about my cousins that betahan di Hospital Ripas due to kekurangan darah, so the doctor haf to tambah her bloods.... dari semalam plang tue ea kena tahan.... huhuhu.... The main reasons tat im very happy is because irah terjumpa my lovely hubby, ABG ASHANZ, i know tat he's working at that time.... hehehe... and mulanya ea nda nampak irah sal he is very serious on doing his work.... but then i did miss call him and then he reply back.... so i msg him and i did tell him tat irah was there tadi.... so he decided to met me at the outside of the wards.... Owh my Gosh.... happy berabesh ku.... rasa kan hugs and kiss him wa... *wopssssss..... sorry.... hahahaa....* then i took a pictures alots coz its a must for me to take a picture if kami jumpa... untuk kenanggan x ah.... ahhahaaha.... its about 10-15mins x kami togetha ah... lpas atu ada cea my parents and my sis keluar dari ward c-waida and kami kan balik... so me and him terpaksa curi2 bepisah.... hahaha... supaya nda kedapatan... hahahaa.... it was funny tho.... :) Btw i did ask him where is my birthday present??? then he said nada... and actuallt he wants to give me some $$$ but i reject it and then he gives me a $5 recharge cards.... hehehe i accept it with my big and cute smiles... ahahahaha.... seronok eyh.... this is my honestly feeling right now while typing all of these.... hahahahaha...... I will always LOVES and MISS him very much.....

Okay then afta kami dari hospital, we having our lunch at the PGS restaurant, and then singgah lage ke hua ho, and there i bought two new ladies t-shirt.... warna puteh and hitam.... hehehe.... lepas atu baru tah kami balek and sampai umah dalam pukul 1 lalu petang....hehehe

Last Friday

Assalamualaikum and gud morning fellas....

Well last friday we (my family and my cousins) were having Ambuyat as our lunch and besides that ada macam2 lah such as, nasi, ayam, daging, ikan salai salman and rumahan, timun with sambal belacan, sayur, udang goreng and etc. my cousin yg ada juwa at that time is uncu salhah, uncle G Braim, uncle roslan, babu alah, mama hjh zanis, maii, eza, atul, akip, qilah, diah, tikah, rawi, syafiq and baby sarah. Seronok la makan ambuyat beramai-ramai... hehehe...

Then yesterday (Saturday) page irah itot my father and my sista go to kiulap for paying the bills of cars, kami bertiga were separated to the different banks, my dad at takaful bibd, my sis at baiduri bank and i go to the HSBC bank... huhuhu... and im learning something new at that place where kan mbyr pinjaman kereta my dad yg kia caren, paksa pakai atm machine.... huhuhu.... well it is simple afta i know how to use it... hahaha... Afta we had done on paying al those bills, the three of us go to Big Papa's for having some foods and drinks.... lapar x ah sal dtg2 sja tarus kesana ke mari... hahaha... and then we off from that place and singgah kajap ke pasar gadong coz my dad kan balikan some fish and vegetables for my grandmother's cook for their lunch... Then kami balek dalam pukul 12 lalu lah sampai umah.... hehe....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tagged By MIMZ ALI


-She Is Mimi Kartini Bte Hj Ali (Sorry Mimz if im wrong)

-Ashraff is her current boyfriend.

-She is "kementotz" type of person. hahaha....

-She loves indonesian band's song.

-I loike to NYAYA-ING her.... hahaa

-We will be graduate at the same month, same place and same time, hehe.

-She own her car, Suzuki Nx4, i think if im not mistaken laaa....

-She love to critics people's appearance..... as in naturally i guess so...

-She had a cute anak buah, wic is known as Alai Roy.... :)


-Im belongs to my family and Abg AshanZ.

-Love to reply messages and Miss call from hubby.

-Like to update her blogs, hotmail, Fs, Fb, Tagged and Hi5.

-I loike to sing and dancing... sadang la... haha

-im a kind and frenly typo person, mun nda pecaya... just see me face to face... hahaha

-Love to hear Dato' Siti Nurhaliza latest song of her new albums, lentera Timur.

-I Have a lots of frens, cousins and relatives.

-I loike chatting with everyone and especially with my Hubby, Abg AshanZ

-Im not an ambung person ah..... huhuhu

-I love high heels, red and black in colours and hate lizards.

-My birthday is today, 29 January.









-Yatty H.R



Thank You :)

Urm... as you can see and read my big head in the above, I would like to say a thousands of thank you to these peoples that had wish and greets me on my birthdays.... inda kira lah ada yg wish me true messages, Blog, Friendster, Facebook, Tagged and Hotmail.

1) Abg AshanZ
6)Adek Ilham
8)Miss Dd
10)Yatty H.R
11)Mimz Ali
13)Mayme @ Paul
15)Qilah M.Ali @ Kym'z
26)Uncle G Braim
27)Uncu Hjh Salhah
28)Hjh Jijah
29)BIBD (Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam)
30)Qilah R
31)Along @ Nakip

And for those other people's name that maybe i forgot to mentioned im really2 sorry and last but not least, i wanna thank you very much to my parents for lahirkan irah, without them i would not have a chance to live and see in this world.... hehehe.....

29th January (",)

Assalamualaikum semua and selamat malam. Now it's already 10.11pm and im gona share with all of you guys about my 21st birthday celebration stories which was held in my home, at Kg.Sinaruba, for your information the foods was order by me and my dad from Haji Zainal, Sotorindu restaurant at Jln Sengkurong, there were four menu that we've been order, it is Ayam Masak Kurma, Sweet and Sour Fish, Daging Masak Kari, Sayur Rabung and Mee Goreng Daging. As the friuts and drinks yg kami sendiri sediakan is like buah watermelon, oranges, hot tea, air suam, mirinda apple hijau, green tea and also timun with cacah sambal belacan, tat was very the nyummie... hahaaha.... I loike tue.... one thing tat i really love is the Yam Ice-cream cake, it was sponsored by my lovely mum.... Thank you very much bu.... :) Well semuanya berjalan dengan lancar tadi i mean the events, even my invited guest couldn't come (my adek angkat, Adek Ilham and Adek Daus), but then im still happy on celebrating my day with my lovely families and cousins.... hehehe.... Urm.. even now im turning 21 years old, but then i still received a present x ah.... hehehe... i've got a present from Uncu Hjh Salhah, Mama Hjh Zanis with Maii, and also Babu Hjh Normah with Jeah. Well i got a balck in colour of handbag, bra's, ladies blouse and also a cadbury's chocoloate... thank you very much for the present and i really2 appreciate it guys... loves you so much... I think till here sja my story ah and i will continue my appreciation on my next post and down here are the pictures that i and Maii sempat snap tadi... hehe...

Sesi Potong kek ne di bilik tamu... :)

The Foods and Drinks yg tersedia before eating time.... hahaha



Sweet And Sour Fish

Daging Masak Kari

Timun *sambal belacan nya lupa irah gambar tadi... huhuhu*

Ayam Masak Kurma

Sayur Rabung

Mee Goreng Daging

This is my gifts... I Loike It....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Irah Aerashie

I just wana wish me and myself, A Very greatful Happy 21st Birthday.... Hopefully all my dreams and wishes could become true.... Amin Yarabbal alamin... :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Preparing for Tomorrow

Well tadi around 10-11 am irah jalan with my father, since my dad lapar, so kami makan lah arah restauran C.A.Mohammad di Bunut. Then were going to WW, Economy Mart, at Beribi for buying the snacks untuk campur, it is to give to all my cousins for tomorrow night, Im celebrating my 21st birthday, just at home and since esuk is malam jumat and kami (kelurga sebelah my mum) selalu mengadakan majlis tahlil and sembahyang berjemaah, then take this chance to celebrate it and having a thanksgiving ceremony juwa lah.... hehehe... Urm... about the food, i will sponsor for everybody and I hope that i will get what i want for this year.... hehehe.... And ofcourse i wana make myself much better than last last last year..... hahaha... Urm.... What else im gona say in here???? Hm.... apa lage ah..... hadui... blank cea... huhuhu.... its okay x ah if i stop here dulu and i promise you that tomorrow i will update lage and ofcourse its all about my birthday story... hehehehe.....

The Snacks and Sweets recits

This is before i insert it in the birthday party plastic

This is after I have done insert all of it in the plastic beg

Im done my work, hahaha

Its Tonight :)

Venue: Nini Haji Murat's house.

Time: 6pm - 9.30pm.

Function: Sembahyanh berjemaah fardhu Maghrib, Sembahyang Hajat, Membaca Surah Yassin dan Sembahyang Fardhu Isya'.

Irah Aera Shie

Awang Alif Hamizan

The Malaysian invited Guest, from the right; Uncle Zul, Aunt Hjh Saniah and Aunt Wan Mastura.

This is reading a novel session, wearing the red tudong is my cousin, Waida, in the middle is my sis, Ka Dayang and that guy is my uncle, Uda Hj Ishak.

Me and my other cousin, Abdul Hakim. Down there is a candid picture of hakim that was snap by me, hehe... makan katam lah...

This is one of my close cousin, Achah. Urm... down below is her legs that shown kemerah-merahan, she said that gatal tapi nda tau how come she got that, huhuhu....