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Im a kind and friendly typo person. Im really into the Black and Red in colour. I will always take a good care of my HP laptop and my Nokia X3. I love singing and all Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's songs.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lunch with them...

Assalamualaikum and selamat malam semua... irah tau mcm batah dah im not posting sumthing in my blog ane... Hm.... ive been busy this lately... so baru ane tah macam ada mood kan update my blog... hehehe... Owh yeah, tadi tengah hari, i have my lunch with my 3 sista's in the office, Ka Linee, Ka Lisa and Ka Shrane at the Restaurant Seri Kamayan, located at Jln Batu Satu... Irah was 1st time makan in that restaurant and baru tau jwa tadi ah, rupanya ada lage restaurant yg sama building dgn Utama Bowling and Jollibee ah... restaurant ane terletak di tingkat atas... hehehe... then were having a VEGETABLE STEAMBOAT.... its also my first time... hahahaa... thanks to my 3 sista's for ajar irah makan that foods... hehehe... seronok jwa lah, coz masak sendiri kan... selalunya if mkn di kdai, tane tau order shaja, then tarus makan once the foods was served... hehehehe... And not to forget, thank you very much to Kaka Linee for treating us tadi... hehehe.. below these are sum pictures yg irah snap time makan tadi... (",)

Kaka Linee yg malu-malu kucieng... hehehe

Kaka Lisa

Kaka Shrane

Its them.... are you guys looking for me?? hahahaha.... pikir tah kamu dimana irah ah... hehehe

the bills... hahaha... see the overall amount...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding of S & R

hye fellas... good evening... i would like to take this chance to wish my cousin... Bro Shukri and ka Dk Rozaimah... congratulations for your wedding.. may Allah blessed the both of you and semoga di kurniakan cahayamata yang banyak... hehehee...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Driving Test

Assalamualaikum and selamat malam to all of you fellas... how are you today?? Urm... I know tat it seems im not update-ing my blog for these few days... actually i have some or lots of things to do... one of them was, on the last Thursday in the morning, I having my driving test in JPD @ land Transport in Gadong area. There is five of us that having the test, "Them" that i mean was; Nurhamizah, Norayu, Me myself-Irah Aerashie, Siti Zuriani and Hjh Amalina. Syukur Alhamdulilah, the five of us was pass the test and finally we cud get our own Driving license.... yippie... congrates ladies... owh yeah, not to forget our "Cekgu", Cikgu Haji Gana, yang banyak mengajar and membimbing kami sampai pandai memandu sebuah benda yang diberi nama "KENDERAAN" dgn menggunakan manual version... hahaha... thanks alot cigu... we owe you for the rest of our life... urm, i think i better stop here sja dulu ah, and btw to mizah, zuriani and amalina, im really sorry for the late posting in my blog... hehe.. if ada masa we cud met with each other in some other times... hehehe...

Cgu Hj Gana

Irah - Mizah - Amal - Zuriani

Hjh Amalina

Irah Aerashie


Siti Zuriani

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Function in the afternoon

Function: Majlis Dikir sempena pindah rumah baru bagi my cousin, keluarga Abg Haji Razali and Kaka Sidah with their childrens; Qibah, Zarifah, Nazif and Baby Zahirah.

Venue: Kg.Sinarubai

Time: 2pm